Frustrated IT ready for Windows Active Directory in the Cloud!

Frustrated IT ready for Windows Active Directory in the Cloud!

For last five years I’ve been looking for a way to move my customers Windows Active Directory domain controllers to the cloud.  These are server that sit in hidden closets throughout offices all over the country.  Some sit on IT desks and look like patched together computers, some are nicely mounted in air-conditioned rooms in server racks.  All of them require space, power, backup, redundant power, redundant hard drives, reliable internet and in some cases a team of people. They require proper Windows licensing, they’re generally run on some sort of RAID system that is often prone to failure and they often run out of space.  On top of all this, they’re not easily accessible everywhere, so if you open a remote branch office with two employees you have to figure out a complicated and often expense remote system in order to connect them.  Usually the fix has been to connect them through a VPN network and install another server in a closet in the new office.

Why can’t we just move these to the cloud?  Have someone take them off our hands, handle them for us?

Why can’t they be in the cloud where:

  • We don’t have to worry anymore about RAID failures
  • We don’t have to deal with a myriad of backup solutions
  • We don’t have to worry about arguing with the CTO every time they require an upgrade
  • We can forget about Windows Client Access Licenses
  • We’ll never run out of space
  • Our customers data can be securely accessed from anywhere without frustrating site to site VPNs and Gotomypc and Sonicwall Netextender and all the other myriad of ways that people use for remote access that are hard to manage

Enter TrueStack Direct Connect.

If you’ve read this far, full-disclosure, I’m the CEO of TrueStack and I’ve been managing IT for businesses in Southern California since the early 2000s.


We’re doing it.  We’re the only company doing it – Hosted Active Directory as a Service plus Storage.

Our customers can:

  • Securely access their “Z drive” and any other short-cuts they currently have on their laptop or desktop from anywhere
  • IT can manage their Active Directory connected devices at Starbucks the same way they manage them in the office
  • Move and upgrade their on premise Active Directory to our hosted private cloud and stop worrying about all of the above.
  • Connect directly, securely and quickly.  All they need is the internet.

Steve Fink – CEO TrueStack Inc.

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