TrueStack has partnered with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure to bring IT solutions for Windows servers in the cloud to managed service providers, businesses and nonprofits. We understand that organizations need reliable, cost-effective IT tools that aren’t disruptive to end-users.

Why TrueStack? Because our software runs in YOUR cloud

Many SaaS companies provide app and web interface services through a subscription.  The software then runs in their cloud.  As an end-user, you have no access to their cloud so you can’t control the amount of computing resources used by the software and you can only take them at their word when they say it’s secure because you have no control of their network environment.  TrueStack only sells software through cloud platforms, like AWS and Azure.  This gives you the ability to add or remove computing resources for our software and to control the network parameters for the software within your cloud platform.  Because TrueStack isn’t hosting the software on our servers we can pass the savings from the cost of hosting on to you.  That is why our software comes in an unlimited connection version at one low flat rate.

Eligible nonprofits can receive $5000 yearly in Azure credits or $2000 yearly in AWS credits through Techsoup.

Visit our Support page to find out how to migrate your Windows domain and servers to AWS or Azure using TrueStack Direct Connect.

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