TrueStack Direct Connect is FREE for up to 10 connections. Need more VPN connections? Try the 25, 50 or Unlimited connection versions starting at $36 a month. Use it to route computers to different Windows or Linux servers in AWS.

  • Free! 10 Connections
  • 25 Connections – $0.05/hr or approx $36 a month (720 hours)
  • 50 Connections – $0.10/hr or approx $72 a month (720 hours)
  • Unlimited Connections – $0.19/hr or approx $137 a month (720 hours)
TrueStack Direct Connect is available at the Amazon Web Services Marketplace
Follow the directions here to Set it up.

TrueStack Direct Connect Pricing example on AWS:

Monthly Cost Estimate based on TrueStack Direct Connect Unlimited version (After free trial):
A customer has 100 computer connections that need to connect to 1 cloud EC2 Windows server 2012 R2. The Windows server will be an Active Directory domain controller that manages all 100 computers which are located in multiple cities, offices and homes.

TrueStack Direct Connect: $136/mo.

Linux: Base T2 Micro server with 30GBs (GP2) of storage. This runs TrueStack Direct Connect from the (EU) London Region: $13.15/mo.

Server: Windows Server 2012 R2 base running on T2 Medium server with 200 GBS (GP2) of storage (EU) London Region: $74.74/mo.

Total AWS: $87.89

Total with TrueStack: $223.89

  • TrueStack Direct Connect is installed on a base server in your AWS account.
  • Use the free 10 connection version or receive a free 15-day trial. This trial only applies to the first instance.
  • The 15-day trial covers does not cover the cost of the base server + hard drive storage that TrueStack Direct Connect runs on or the Windows servers + hard drive storage that your on premise clients will connect to. Use the AWS calculator to determine the cost for the base servers and hard drive storage.
  • The above example doesn’t include additional file storage that may be needed for your end-users to access shared drives.
  • You can apply for a free tier account in AWS. This generally covers the cost of the base server that TrueStack Direct Connect runs on for one month.
  • AWS does not charge for server instances that are turned off. So while you’re testing we recommend shutting down the servers when they are not in use.
Use the AWS calculator to determine your pricing or contact a TrueStack Direct Connect support specialist at 1 (619) 634-4235 / email for a free pricing consultation.

Amazon Web Services Calculator