TrueStack Direct Connect

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The Future

Windows Domain Controllers will disappear from the office closet. TrueStack Direct Connect is a VPN management server that allows you to easily create secure, fast and stable VPN connections between a Windows PC or Mac to a Windows DC at AWS. Manage computers, users and data on an AWS full Windows Domain Controller, just like you do now. Migrate you’re Windows domains and data to an AWS Windows DC without disrupting your users. With TrueStack Direct Connect you can now manage your customer’s laptops and remote computers wherever they happen to be. Use Active Directory, NTFS permissions, group policies, tasks, powershell and Windows server services the same way you are using it now.

Fast and Stable

TrueStack Direct Connect can easily support 200+ VPN connections on an AWS EC2 SSD micro instance. Users in an office with 30 computers on a 50/10 mbps cable connection connecting to an AWS EC2 Windows DC also running on a SSD micro instance will see their documents fly open at the same speed as they did when the server was in the closet. Laptops and other computers that are frequently offline and change between internet connections will reconnect to the server as soon the computers are back online. For offline computers use Windows offline file synchronization the same way you do now.

Unlimited Connections

Use TrueStack Direct Connect to connect as many computers as you want to Windows Servers at AWS. Group and route computers to specific Windows Servers. Easily Disable or Delete connections as needed. IT Managed Services providers can control all of their customers Windows Servers and computers with one TrueStack Direct Connect server and one AWS account. With AWS you can now finally say "googbye!" to Windows CALs

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VPN Management

Easily view and manage connect clients

VPN Client

Easily create VPN installers for Windows and Mac

VPN Download

Easily download installers

About Us

TrueStack Inc. incorporated in May of 2016. TrueStack has partnered with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure to bring IT solutions for Windows servers in the cloud to managed service providers, small businesses and noprofits. We understand that IT needs inexpensive centralized tools to manage devices and users and organzations need cost effective cloud solutions.
TrueStack is disrupting the norm and lowering IT costs by rejecting the software culture of BYOL and user licenses. Our solutions are sold directly from the cloud and allow unlimited connections for a flat rate.

TrueStack Inc.
7236 Amherst St
San Diego, CA 92115
ph: (619) 634-4235
Monday-Friday 8am - 6pm (PST)


10-connected devices - $56/month
25-connected devices - $112/month
UNLIMITED Connections - $142/month

Try it for 30-days free at the Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure Marketplaces.
AWS and Azure subscription rates apply.

  • TrueStack

    • Migrate your domain
    • Migrate data
    • Connect your devices
    • Remove your on-premise server
  • Connect

    • Connect Windows and Mac computers Directly to your AWS Windows servers
    • Connect and replicate domains between on-premise and AWS Windows servers
    • Connect Windows virtual or physical servers in the datacenter to AWS Windows servers
    • Connect Windows servers across AWS regions


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Contact Us

For support email: or call (619) 634-4235.
For more information email: or call (619) 634-4235

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