TrueStack Direct Connect

Find it at the Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure Marketplaces.

Anywhere Access

This means you can pick up your company laptop and take it offsite and continue working on your server files exactly where you left off. With a cloud server connected with TrueStack Direct Connect, you can access your server files anywhere and your IT can also manage your computers wherever they are using familiar Microsoft Windows domain tools, like powershell and Group policies.

Easier on your Budget

Replacing your old onsite server usually requires a large capital investment. There's the cost of the server, Microsoft and other licenses, plus the cost of labor. For most organizations a cloud server is a cost-effective alternative. TrueStack Direct Connect comes in 3 low-cost versions. This enables your organization to migrate to a Windows server in the cloud for a low monthly fee.

The Seamless Migration

Your on premise server can be migrated to a private AWS or Azure Windows server seamlessly. This means your employees won't notice that the server is out of the closet. They'll be able to continue accessing their shared documents, software and printers as usual without disruption. We give your IT all the tools they need for a Seamless Migration, or we can handle your migration. Contact TrueStack today for a migration quote.

Try it

Free 30-day trial at the Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure Marketplaces.

Are you new to cloud servers? Follow our step by step instructions to set up a new Windows server in the cloud and connect to it using TrueStack Direct Connect.

VPN Management

Easily view and manage connect clients

VPN Client

Easily create VPN installers

VPN Download

Easily download installers

About Us

TrueStack has partnered with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure to bring IT solutions for Windows servers in the cloud to managed service providers, small businesses and nonprofits. We understand that organizations need reliable, cost-effective IT tools that aren't disruptive to end-users.
TrueStack is changing the norm by lowering IT costs and rejecting the software culture of BYOL and user licenses. Our solutions are sold directly from the cloud and allow unlimited connections for a flat rate.
Eligible nonprofits can receive $5000 yearly in Azure credits or $2000 yearly in AWS credits through Techsoup.
Visit our Support page to find out how to migrate your Windows domain to Azure or AWS using TrueStack Direct Connect.
Don’t want to do the migration yourself? Contact TrueStack today for a free migration estimate.

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10-connected devices - $56/month
25-connected devices - $112/month
Up to 4096 Connections - $142/month

Try it for 30-days free at the Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure Marketplaces.
Follow our step-by-step Tutorials on our Support page to get started.

  • TrueStack

    • Migrate your domain
    • Migrate data
    • Fast access for your on premise devices
    • Remove your on-premise server
  • Connect

    • Fast, secure and reliable file access for your on premise computers
    • Migrate your Windows domain to the cloud
    • Connect Windows virtual or physical servers in the datacenter to cloud Windows servers
    • Connect Windows servers between cloud regions


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Contact Us

For support email: or call (619) 634-4235.
For more information email: or call (619) 634-4235

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