Use it to move to the cloud:

That old server in the closet keeps causing problems but your I.T. says it has to be replaced.  A better option is to move it to the cloud and use your $2000 a year free Amazon Web Services credits from Techsoup.

First move your applications:

If you have client/server applications that you would like to move off of old servers to the cloud,  TrueStack offers RemoteApp streaming of client/server applications like Quickbooks, Lacerte, Sage, Juris, Giftworks, FileMaker Pro or any SQL Express applications.  

Nonprofits can get this service for 3 – 5 users for $100 a year or less if they qualify for the $2000 AWS credit through Techsoup which will be applied toward their Hosted Services Account with TrueStack.

Then move your server to the cloud:

Techsoup charges an admin fee of $175 to get the $2000 Amazon Web Services credits.  If you’re a boost member the credits cost $80.–G-50197–

Then contact TrueStack so we can help you move your server to the cloud.  We can apply the $2000 AWS credit to your account for server hosting with TrueStack.

Hosting includes:

  • Server migration
  • Nightly Backup with up to 10 recovery points
  • Business hours support
  • Anywhere access

Get rid of that old server and free up your closet space while using your AWS $2000 a year free credits! 

To obtain a quote contact us at [email protected] or call 1(619) 634-4235, PST Monday – Friday 8am – 6pm.

Non Profits: What can you do with the $2000 Amazon Web Services Credit?
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