MSPs are scrambling for Server 2008 and Windows 7 end of support in January, 2020.  Your customers may have mentioned moving the server to the cloud as an option but as an MSP you’re aware of the cost of expensive data-center hardware and licensing. Your also aware of the infrastructure costs required to connect their on-prem computers to the cloud Windows domain controller.  Why not move your customers servers to a full Windows 2016 or 2019 server in AWS and eliminate the infrastructure and licensing expenses? Since AWS uses Windows dat-acenter servers you can eliminate the cost of Microsoft CALS.

If your customers still have on-prem Windows Active Directory servers then you are aware of the potential failures that could cause catastrophic down-time.  You may have thought about moving the server to a datacenter or cloud solution with a site-to-site VPN, but this means you still have no AD control over your offsite computers. 

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TrueStack Direct Connect is an secure VPN server made to connect on-prem Windows AD computers to AWS cloud Windows Active Directory Domain Controllers.  You can use TrueStack Direct Connect to migrate your on-prem Windows servers to AWS without your end-users even knowing the server is now in the cloud. Their files open at the same speed they do on the on-prem server.


  • You can connect unlimited connections from anywhere.
  • You can route different computers from different organizations to different AWS Windows servers.
  • Your users will be able to access your Windows servers from anywhere.
  • You can open new offices without worrying about building out the server closet infrastructure.
  • If an employee decides to cut and run with your company laptop you can lock him out wherever they are.
  • Cloud-based Windows servers are easy to upgrade when the next version of Windows server comes out.
  • Windows Server client access licenses aren’t required in the cloud. For AWS Windows servers you can connect an unlimited number or devices or users.
  • It’s much easier to maintain and monitor backups and recovery points in the cloud.
  • When there’s a server issue in the cloud you have immediate direct remote access to resolve the problem.
  • No more thoughts or worries about a crashed RAID 5.
  • Everyone will sleep better.

TrueStack Direct Connect is a fast, secure and reliable VPN server made to connect AWS servers to on premise computers. TrueStack Direct Connect 10 connections is FREE

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Server 2008 end of Support in January – MSPs Move your Windows domain controllers to the cloud!