Why Direct Connect VPNs are the future

A site to site VPN connects physical locations in a mesh network. Today’s workforce isn’t pinned down to a few physical locations. They’re mobile.  SysAdmins need to be able to manage their Windows Active Directory connected devices wherever they are located.

TrueStack Direct Connect is a VPN management server which enables SysAdmins to connect Windows and Mac devices directly to Windows domain controllers in the AWS or Azure clouds. TrueStack Direct Connect 10 Connections is FREE.

How it works:

  • Your Windows Domain Controller runs on an inexpensive and fast GP2 (solid state) instance in Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure.
  • TrueStack Direct Connect is managed directly by you and runs in the same AWS or Azure account.
  • Your Windows devices are routed through the TrueStack Direct Connect VPN management server directly to your Windows Domain Controller in your AWS or Azure cloud.
  • You can use Group polices, Active Directory, Powershell and all of the Windows server tools you normally use to manage these devices.
  • Your users and devices can be located anywhere they have internet access.
  • You can migrate your on premise domain and servers to the AWS or Azure cloud using TrueStack Direct Connect.
  • The TrueStack Direct Connect console gives you individual control of each device.  You can easily disable or delete a connected device as needed.
  • Your end-users have fast, secure access to their NTFS shares.
  • No Windows Client Access licenses are required for AWS or Azure Windows servers.

Is it really that simple?

It’s really simple, especially if you have experience with Windows servers and domains.  It’s not as simple if this is all new to you.  Either way read through our Tutorials at truestack.com/support and take a test run before you put it into production.

Not sure if TrueStack Direct Connect is right for you?  Contact us with questions, [email protected] or call 1(619) 634-4235, PST Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm.

The End of Site to Site VPNs