Need an easy to use VPN to connect your local computers to your AWS Servers?

TrueStack Direct Connect is free for 10 Connections.

  • TrueStack Direct Connect is a fast, private VPN server in your AWS account
  • Easily and securely add direct connections from local Windows, Mac and Linux computers to your AWS Windows or Linux Servers
  • Manage all your connected devices in the TrueStack Direct Connect Console
  • Add, delete or temporarily disable connections as needed
  • Group your computers by location or company
  • Give computers access to specific AWS servers or groups of servers within your security group
  • Auto-connect wherever your devices have internet
  • Use it to host Microsoft Active Directory and manage locally connected computers
  • Individual certificate based connections, no usernames and passwords required!

TrueStack Direct Connect 10 connections is FREE at the AWS Marketplace.  Follow the directions here to set up your TrueStack Direct Connect server.

For more connections view our pricing page here.

Free VPN to AWS