TrueStack Direct Connect

TrueStack develops cloud platforms that make it easier for business and non-profits to transition to the cloud without disrupting their normal operations. We understand that you’ve built your organization from the ground up using systems that work well for you. For many of our customers, those systems are dependent on a Windows server. As IT consultants, we know that Windows servers in an office closet lack security, reliability and the flexibility required to run today’s businesses or non-profits.
We developed our TrueStack Direct Connect technology to make it easy to move your server to a private cloud so you can access it from anywhere. The end result will be that your employees can continue to work on their computers as normal. They won’t even notice the server is out of the closet.

Why should I move my Windows server to the cloud?

If you have a server on-site, you’re reliant on your on-premise network and server infrastructure which is often in a closet in your office. Servers in these environments are prone to overheating, power failures that could cause crashes and backup systems that often fail. Over time the server becomes more susceptible to a crash and your network infrastructure, without regular upgrades, becomes more susceptible to viral attacks.

Compare this to a private cloud server housed in a secure datacenter. Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services datacenters are world-wide and are monitored 24/7 to protect against attacks and points of failure. The servers are redundant across multiple servers in the datacenter. They’re also backed up regularly. The datacenters have backup generators for power failures and redundant internet connections. The network infrastructure and underlying server hardware are tested and updated regularly.

Did we say you can access it from anywhere?

A Windows cloud server coupled with our TrueStack Direct Connect technology can be accessed from any internet connected computer, be it Windows or Mac. This means you can take your company laptop to Starbucks and continue working. You can connect either wired or wireless, from home or remote offices or even from remote countries.
Remote server access not only helps your organization easily expand, it makes it easier for your IT to access and manage your server and connected computers. If a company laptop gets stolen, your IT can disable their connection immediately so the perpetrator has no access to your data. If your server runs out of space, your IT can expand current hard drives with a few clicks. When it’s time to upgrade your server operating system, the process is simple and can be done remotely.

AWS is now offering $2,000 a year to non-profit organizations that qualify through TechSoup.

For most non-profits, the $2,000 will cover the cost of their Windows server in the AWS cloud. Non profits can get these credits through Techsoup.–G-50197–

TrueStack Direct Connect 10 connections is FREE.

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