Onsite Windows Server crashes, reaches the end of its life or it’s time for an upgrade?

The old way:

Replace it onsite

The new way:

Migrate it to Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure using TrueStack Direct Connect.  TrueStack Direct Connect is a VPN management server made to connect onsite Windows and Mac computers to Windows domain controllers in the AWS or Azure clouds.

What do you get?
  • Free for 10 Connections or choose unlimited connections for $139.99 a month  See Pricing.
  • Low monthly fee for Windows servers in AWS with no additional CALs required.
  • Fast and secure access to files shares from anywhere.
  • IT full control using familiar Windows tools like Active Directory and Powershell.
  • A full Windows server in a private cloud running the latest Windows server operating system.
  • The ability to add more storage, VCPUs and memory with a few clicks as needed.
  • Easily expand to new locations and work remotely.
  • No more server in the closet.
  • Easily create new connections from any Windows or Mac computer to your cloud Windows server.
What does your IT get?
  • Eliminate site to site VPNs
  • Eliminate onsite backups
  • Eliminate onsite backup power
  • Easily upgrade the server as needed
  • Ability to manage computers wherever they are connected
  • See which computers are online at any time
  • Disable or delete connected computers if required
  • Computers are connected to the Windows domain from anywhere, so new offices don’t require new servers
  • Eliminate late nights and weekends repairing on premise servers
What does Management get?
  • Save on the cost of offsite backups, power, upgrades and onsite repairs
  • Save on the cost of Windows server licenses
  • Save on the cost of replacement on premise Windows servers
  • If an employee is let go or a computer is stolen, disable access with a single click
  • No more onsite server downtime
  • Eliminate expensive server build-outs for new office expansions
  • Give contractors and remote workers temporary access to your server files
How does it work?

Set up TrueStack Direct Connect in either the AWS or Azure cloud.  Set up a new Windows domain in the cloud or use TrueStack Direct Connect to migrate your current on premise domain to the cloud.  Install the TrueStack Direct Connect client on your on premise computers and route them to the Windows cloud server.

How much does it cost?

TrueStack Direct Connect 10 connections is FREE.

Get Started for Free

Eligible nonprofits can receive $5000 yearly in Azure credits or $2000 yearly in AWS credits through Techsoup.

Not sure if TrueStack Direct Connect is right for you?  Contact us with questions, [email protected] or call 1(619) 634-4235, PST Monday – Friday 8am – 6pm.

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